Knowledge is Power

The Weaving Technology into the Fabric of the Classroom workshop series provides keynote speeches and hands-on sessions for K - 12 teachers on the use of innovative technology in the classroom. It has been running since 2017 across Queensland from Mackay to the Gold Coast, and in 2019 won the CQUniversity Opal Award for Excellence in Engagement (Learning & Teaching). Through a framework of pedagogy before technology, the series shows teachers how to use cutting edge technology such as mixed reality, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, wearable technology, and drones and how they might integrate that into their classroom. Presentations have been given by university experts from multiple Australian universities across the country, as well as local industry experts in each town/city in which the program is run. Over 300 K – 12 schoolteachers have been trained by the program since it’s inception, providing a flow-on effect to thousands of students.